What is restorative justice?

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2013. 05. 11

Dr. Fellegi Borbála guested at the Székesfehérvár’s regular "Girl’s Night Out" event in the House of Arts. Foresee’s executive gave her speach on the event held on the 2nd of May in a local cinema.

In her speach she explained the everyday use of restorative approach in conflict resolution: in families, relationships and work environments. She also highlighted the questions and structure that helps moving forward, when the communication has stuck, e.g. listening to the other, involving a...

2013. 04. 28

A short introductory film about the staff of Foresee and the first steps of our progamme "Community Encounters" started in 2013.

Foresee Research Group is an interdisciplinary think tank of social scientists focusing on peaceful conflict resolution, mediation, restorative justice and crime prevention.

So goes the official answer to the question: „What is Foresee?” Even from the official definition, one can easily...

2013. 04. 10

Dr. Borbála Fellegi, and András Winkler-Virág worked together in holding the 20 hour training for the 18 students of Management and Leadership at Budapest College of Communication and Business.

Based on the feedback, 98% of the participants was completely contended with both the trainers and the content of the course held by Foresee’s ecexutive, and the mediator of PárBeszéd Mediation....

2013. 03. 10

Dr. Borbála Fellegi, and András Winkler-Virág worked together in holding a two-day training entitled „Introducton to the practice of alternative conflict resolution and mediation” on the 28th of February and the 1st of March.

The training, held together by Foresee’s ecexutive, and the mediator of PárBeszéd Mediation in the

2013. 03. 07

The second international conference of Grundtvig REDICT project was organised on 12-13th February 2013 in Presov, which was the fourth meeting of the program. The main lines of the event were workshops for professionals and agreement between partners about the next tasks of the project.

The organiser was the Slovakian Greek-Catholic Faculty of the University of Presov. Participants of the project meeting were: Slavka Karkosková  and Gabriel...

2013. 02. 12

Borbála Fellegi was invited for the first plenary meeting of the Network on the 28-29th of January 2013 in Brussels as a member of the RAN DERAD. (The working group on deradicalisation and exit-interventions) The meeting was in fact the first time in the history of the organization when all eight working groups got together in order to share experiences and to find common goals for the future.

The Radicalization Awareness Network, founded in 2011, gathers the most distinguished practitional experts and professional specialists into eight working groups operating on the fields of law enforcement, embracing victims of terrorism, internet and social media, prevention of radicalisation,...

2013. 01. 17

On the 9th and 10th of January, 2013. COREPOL’s (Conflict Resolution, Mediation and Restorative Justice and the Policing of Ethnic Minorities in Germany, Austria, and Hungary) conference took place in Vienna, Austria. Borbála Fellegi was one of the presenters invited.

In her presentation, Foresee’s executive talked about the possible implementation of restorative techniques in community conflicts, introduced Foresee’s Nagybörzsöny...

2012. 12. 11

Borbála Fellegi talked about Forese’s KLIMA+ Project and the role of conflict management in crime prevention and in everyday education as a roundtable member.

The audience of the two day-long conference co-organized by the Ministry of Interior and the National Police Headquarters consisted mainly of law enforcement, pedagogist and social worker professionals. The conference saw an opening greeting speech by dr.László Felkai, public administration...

2012. 12. 11

Borbála Fellegi participated as a guest in the roundtable discussion organized by ELTE Faculty of Law’s Criminology Scientific Students’ Association on the subject of prison mediation, where she talked with criminologist-lawyer students about the findings of the MEREPS project and a screening also took place.

The discussion examined the following questions in connection with criminal mediation, that can be used (since the year 2006) in minor criminal cases: Could mediation be used in more serious cases, together with imprisonment? Can mediation ease the contorversions between inmates and prison staff?...

2012. 12. 11

Borbála Fellegi held a presentation entitled „Restorative Practices in Community Conflicts” on the „Social sciences, crime prevention, mediation” conference co-organized by the Social Science Faction of the Hungarian Law Enforcement Society and the National University of Public Service’s Faculty of Law Enforcement Applied Law Enforcement Department.

In her presentation, Foresee’s executive talked about the attitudes needed in order to handle a conflict in a restorative manner, she mentioned practical examlpes, results, and also introduced the work that Foresee, through its various projects does for the implementation and dissemination of...

2012. 12. 06

On the 19th of November, 2012 the „Pártfogás Napja” event of the Ministry of Public Administration and Justice took place for the seventh time. Through plenar and section discussions, the event provided opportunity for the professional audience to familiarize themselves with the ongoing work in the different fields of probation supervision, to be introduced to some revolutionary projects and to discuss questions arising from these subjects.

Two of Foresee’s projects were picked for the professional program of the conference. On one of the plenar discussions, Dr. Tünde Barabás, Head of Department at the National University of Public Service, and reasearcher in the MEREPS project introduced the possible implementation of mediation...

2012. 11. 26

This year, the American Chamber of Commerce in Hungary (AmCham) awarded the „Women of Excellence” award for the third time. This time around, the jury decided to give the award to Szilvia Gyurkó, Children’s Rights Director of UNICEF Hungary. Foresee’s executive was among the five finalists for the award.

This year the award ceremony took place as part of the AmCham Sixth Annual Conference on Diversity, on the 15th of November. Mr. Péter Dávid, executive director of AmCham gave the award to the winner, Szilvia Gyurkó, while Dr. Andrea Jádi Németh, chairman of the award’s jury, Zsolt Mayer,...

2012. 11. 18

Representing Foresee Research Group, Dr. Borbála Fellegi also attended the round table discussion held as part of a conference on mediation that took place on 12. November 2012.

The conference saw greeting speeches from Dr. Tünde Handó, president of the National Judicial Bureau, and Dr. Tibor Navracsics, minister of public administration and justice,...

2012. 11. 05

The general aims of the EU sponsored Grundtvig REDICT project are to facilitate adult learning, professional exchange and networking in the realm of ADR, to provide an overview of the status quo, challenges and possibilities of ADR in the participating countries and to help experts create an efficient promotion of ADR methods for the general public and for related professions.

The third international meeting of the Grundtvig Learning Partnership EU Project took place in the beautiful city of Rome hosted by Marco Calabrese, Francesca Corradi and Cinzia Verucci representing the

2012. 10. 31

Dr. Borbála Fellegi held her presentation as part of the workshop-conference organized within the framework of the „Stargate” model project aimed at the prevention of victimization and the development of victim-support.

The presentation featured the possibilities and obstacles in handling community conflicts in the light of experiences from model projects and good practices.

The presentaion introduced the audience to the theory, practice, principles, and forms of restorative conflict management, as...