What is restorative justice?

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About Us

As with other good things eventually proven useful, the motivation behind founding Foresee was initially a problem.

We recognised that social problems are too complex to be handled solely by a single profession and discipline. Therefore, creating a professional network--of which members represent different perspectives, tools, and methods, and are able to work in partnerships to deliver successful results--became important.

Our basic concept was to find holistic solutions to social problems and issues, free from the narrow constraints of just a single approach.
Because of their complexity, social problems call for equally complex answers and resolutions. 

As its founder, I shared an understanding of this revelation with those joining Foresee as consultants. We all brought our own expertise, experience, proven tools, and methods from various academic fields. As a result, we recognised one another’s worth and the art of adaptation.

Thanks to this and the cooperation of its consultants, Foresee is capable of giving complex answers involving different professions and fields of science – not only in theory, but also in practice.

Though varied, we can all be characterized by proficiency in theory and practice, openness, progressive thinking, sensitivity to different cultures, and diversity. 

Needless to say, we all share the belief that Communication and constructive Conflict resolution lead to stronger Communities and result in a higher level of Cohesion in the end. In other words, these four C-s can help others and ourselves to foresee…

dr. Borbala Fellegi, PhD.
Criminologist, social policy researcher
Executive director of the Foresee Research Group