What is restorative justice?

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2008. 02. 11

Foresee Research Group gave a three days training in co-operation with Partners Hungary Association, Central Office of Justice and Dr. Péter Téglás (prosecutor of Kiskunhalas) organized by the Crime Prevention Academy.

Within the framework of the Crime Prevention Academy together with Dr. Tibor Kertész (Partners Hungary Foundation), Dr. Edit Törzs (

2008. 02. 07

Together with Dr. Veronika Dénes (Pest District Court), Dr. Attila Stummer (Pest District Court), Dr. Edit Törzs (Central Office of Justice) and Drienyivszki János (Office of Justice, Budapest) we gave a half day training in mediation at the Hungarian Judicial Academy for young judges coming from...

2006. 02. 13

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime invited professionals of 16 countries in order to accomplish the publishable version of the UN handbook draft on restorative justice. The Hungarian delegate was dr. Borbála Fellegi, the manager of Foresee Research Group. The issue is supposed to support and provide practical help to the states when implementing and applying the criminal law reform.

Overviewing every aspect of the draft version written by Yvon Dandurand (University College of the Fraser Valley) and Curt Griffiths (School of Criminology at the Simon Fraser University) gave...