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„From the village council to virtual mediation” – Mediation Conference on the University of Miskolc

2010. 10. 07.


On the 1st of October, 2010. a free, and open mediation conference was held by the University of Miskolc in co-operation with the BAZ County Office of Justice, entitled „From the village council to virtual mediation”. One of the presenters on the conference was Dr. Borbala Fellegi, who spoke about Foresee Research Group’s conflict handling project in Nagybörzsöny.

The conference was opened by Prof. Dr. Miklós Szabó dean, and Dr. Erika Váradi Csemáné deputy dean, after that, Dr. József Kotics cultural antropologist held a presentation entitled „Conflict handling in the peasant society”. This was followed by a presentation about the traditional roma conflict handling methods by Attila Lakatos voivode’s advisor, László Szilárdi, and a presentation by  sociologist Dr. Kinga Szabó-Tóth entitled „Shattered Society.

A presentation about the mediation modell programmes organized by the National Crime Prevention Committee was held by Dr. Borbala Ivány, she was followed by Dr. Borbala Fellegi, executive of the Foresee Research Group, who spoke about the Group’s conflict handling project in Nagybörzsöny, where the experts were working on the conflicts of a village with the population of 800 (20% of them roma). In her presentation she emphasized the importance of interdisciplinary approach, violence-free communication, and the uncovering of the real reasons of the problems and conflicts in the mentioned and similar cases. Dr. Fellegi’s presentation was followed by three more on the subject, by representatives from the Partners Hungary Foundation, the Family, Child, Future Association, and the Law Faculty of the University of Miskolc.

Later, a presentation with the title: „The future of mediation according to European documents and the experience of IJJO” was held by Cedric Foussard executive, and was followed by the mediator Dr. Tibor Kertész’s presentation on virtual mediation. The conference came to a closure with the promotion of a book by Dr. Tibor Kertész, entitled: „Mediation in practice”.

The schedule of the conference can be reached in Hungarian here, Dr. Fellegi's presentation, also in Hungarian here.

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