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Grundtvig project presents three international conferences

2012. 04. 26.


The second GRUNDTVIG REDICT meeting took place in Křtiny on the 20-21 of March 2012, with the goal to work out the final outcome of the Grundtvig Project that can succesfully raise awareness and spread information about alternative conflict resolution to the public and professionals in related fields.

The representatives of the partner organisations were as follows:
- project leader and host of the second meeting, the European Institute for Reconciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (ESI) was represented by Marie Boháčová, Lenka Pavlová, Eva Vaňková and Michal Kyncl,
- from the Greek Catholic Faculty of the University of Presov Slavka Karkosková, Emilia Halagová, Brigita Tivadarová, Gabriel Paľa, Renata Dolanská were present,
- in the name of the Italian Institute of Collaborative Law Marco Calabrese, Francesca Corradi, Cinzia Verucci and Luca E. Calabrese participated on the meeting,
- from Lithuania, the Association „Iniciatyvu tinklas” was represented by Inga Ingeborga and Vilnius Shelter for Women and Children was represented by Ludvika Urbanaviciene,
- and Foresee delegated Eszter Posch Anita Erdész, Júlia Kepes-Végh and Ádám Kepes-Végh.

We were thrilled to see that one of the main objectives of the project, namely learning about each others’ cultural heritage and customs was given major importance during this Partners’ Meeting once again. Starting off from our acomodiation, the  Křtiny castle, we took a guided tour through the Moravian Karst in the morning, and we went sightseeing to Brno in the evening, admiring its beautiful cathedral, tasting Hungarian and Moravian wines and delicious Czech dishes.

We also had a chance to share our experiences and get to know each other’s work, methods and ideas through informal discussions. The afternoon session of the second day, where we listened to presentations about the marketing possibilities of ADR, the legal background of collaborative law in Italy, and watched Foresee’s film on community dispute resolution („WE also exist”), also have driven the partners towards joint work and thinking together. The webpage of the project was also introduced, and thanks to the Lithuanian partners it is now available.

During the morning meeting of the third day, the partners came to an agreement regarding the project outcome: in order to disseminate the possibilities of ADR, we will organize three international conferences focusing on different aspects of alternative conflict resolution. The first conference will take place in Rome, between 8-10 of October 2012, and will focus on collaborative law and family mediation. The second conference will be organized in Presov, in February 2013, and finally in Budapest in May 2013.

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