What is restorative justice?

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Presentation on the Oneg Sabat event of Szim Salom

2012. 07. 15.


Borbála Fellegi held a presentation entitled „The possibility of reconciliation and making amends in conflict resolution” on the 11th of May 2012. on the event of Szim Salom Progressive Jewish Congregation.

In her presentation, Foresee’s executive introduced the fundamentals, techniques and psychology of the restorative justice approach. During the presentation, several projects and experiences of Foresee have also been mentioned.

After the presentation, the roughly 30 guests of the event watched Foresee’s „We also exist” film, after which the participants worked in teams, imagining themselves in the places of persons involved in a community conflict, thus sparking a long debate over the importance and applicability of peaceful conflict resolution techniques.

The webpage of Szim Salom Progressive Jewish Congregation can be found here.

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