What is restorative justice?

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Presentation at the Mediaton Workshop of BKF

2012. 10. 31.


Dr. Borbála Fellegi held a presentation entitled „The possible application of restorative techniques in community conflicts – Experiences gained from actual community mediation in a small town „ at the Mediation Workshop of Budapest College of Communication and Buisness. The small-group, interactive presentation complemented by practice took place on the 25th of October 2012.

Many among the 12 participants were noted tutors of the „Leadership and Management” master course, but economists and experts in leading positions interested in mediation also attended the presentation.

The presentaion introduced the audience to the theory, practice, principles, and forms of restorative conflict management, as well as its role within a community. Foresee’s executive briefly introduced the aim and structure of the ALTERNATIVE Project as well. According to the participants’ opinions, they look forward to the project’s results. Following this came the introduction of the community mediation work at Nagybörzsöny along with its challenges, stages and conclusions, followed by a screening of the Foresee film, „We also exist”.

Following the presentation and the screening, vivid discourse emerged on the subjects of community mediation, and the importance of communication within communities in general, also on the importance of openness towards underpriviliged groups and the need to find solutions to community problems together.
The dedication, openness and activity of the participants was heartwarming to experience.

You can read about the earlier subjects of the college’s workshop in Hungarian here.

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