What is restorative justice?

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Presentation at Echo Innovational Workshop

2012. 10. 31.


Dr. Borbála Fellegi held her presentation as part of the workshop-conference organized within the framework of the „Stargate” model project aimed at the prevention of victimization and the development of victim-support.

The presentation featured the possibilities and obstacles in handling community conflicts in the light of experiences from model projects and good practices.

The presentaion introduced the audience to the theory, practice, principles, and forms of restorative conflict management, as well as its role within a community. Foresee’s executive briefly introduced the aim and structure of the ALTERNATIVE Project as well. According to the participants’ opinions, they look forward to the project’s results. Following this came the introduction of the community mediation work at Nagybörzsöny along with its challenges, stages and conclusions, followed by a screening of the Foresee film, „We also exist”.

Roughly 20 participants visited the presentation, mostly professionals from the „Stargate” project, police officers and employees from Justice Services. All of the participants, including mediators, prosecutors, and supporters shared with each other their thoughts on the possibilities of community mediation and their role in it openly and with much dedication.

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