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Courtesy instead of courts

2012. 11. 18.


Representing Foresee Research Group, Dr. Borbála Fellegi also attended the round table discussion held as part of a conference on mediation that took place on 12. November 2012.

The conference saw greeting speeches from Dr. Tünde Handó, president of the National Judicial Bureau, and Dr. Tibor Navracsics, minister of public administration and justice, deputy prime-minister. In his speech the minister mentioned mediation being a sector of success, one, where the state doesn’t enter the process as an authority, but as a supporting, empowering partner.

The event organized by the National Judicial Bureau offered a splendid opportunity for participants to be familiarized with the planned system of judicial mediation while at the same time offering a chance for organizations working with mediation in non-judicial fields (family, criminal, educational, etc.) to represent themselves.

One of the most important achievements of the conference from Foresee’s point of view was that other restorative techniques besides mediation (peace-making circles, conference-model etc.), and their possible implementation in various social fields (communities, penal system, etc.) had the chance to be introduced to the participants.

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