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Borbála Fellegi among the finalists at AmCham’s „Women of Excellence” Award

2012. 11. 26.


This year, the American Chamber of Commerce in Hungary (AmCham) awarded the „Women of Excellence” award for the third time. This time around, the jury decided to give the award to Szilvia Gyurkó, Children’s Rights Director of UNICEF Hungary. Foresee’s executive was among the five finalists for the award.

This year the award ceremony took place as part of the AmCham Sixth Annual Conference on Diversity, on the 15th of November. Mr. Péter Dávid, executive director of AmCham gave the award to the winner, Szilvia Gyurkó, while Dr. Andrea Jádi Németh, chairman of the award’s jury, Zsolt Mayer, representing MARS and Éva Bresztyenszky representing Morgan Stanley awarded each of the other four finalists with certificates and a unique  rekavago made with Swarovski Elements bag. Also, the winner of the award shall receive a unique pair of shoes made by Vágó Réka Hungarian shoe designer.

About the Winner:

Szilvia Gyurkó
As a jurist, she began teaching at the Law Faculty of ELTE at a very young age, then assumed professional leadership of the legal clinic programme. Collegue of the National Institute of Criminology for years, her researches, and publications drew notable media attention. She also was manager of Family, Child, Youth Association, as well as legal advisor for various prestigious organizations. Nowdays she works a lawyer for UNICEF, lobbying and communicating in the most actual matters representing the international organization.

About the finalists:

Katalin Bársony:
Film maker and sociologist, executive of the Romedia foundation. Romedia is a non-profit organization that has been working towards its main goal, the social acceptance of the roma people, for 20 years now. One of Katalin’s major successes, is that during her management, the number of national and international partners of the organization rose considerably. Earlier she has won several international awards with video reports and documentaries as a journalist.

Barbara Baska:
Graphic designer, fine arts artist, camerist. Barbara designed and created the whole branding of the „Democracy for School” project of the European Council at the age of 14. She went on winnig awards and first places in various international competitions, while at the same time applying for the Hungarian University of Fine Arts and the University of Theater and Film Arts, finishing both with flying colors. Her diploma-film, KELEN premiered in Urania National Movie Theater and was invited for the Hungarian Filmparade in 2012.

Henriett Dinók
Lawyer, working as a reasearcher at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Until recently, she took part in the Legislative Fellows programme financed by the State Department. Despite her young age, she already participated in the work of numerous NGOs working for equality and roma rights, like European Roma Rights Center or the Hungarian Helsinki Comittee. She is a board member at the Chance for Children Foundation working for the educational integration of roma children. She is also a volunteer and a scholarship holder at Romaversitas Foundation.

Borbála Fellegi
Sociologist, criminologist, founder and executive of Foresee Research Group, the first and only NGO in Hungary offering multiprofessional answers for complex social challenges such as the prevention of social inequalities. Took part in numerous researches, and has written several dozen publications. Member of various criminology organizations.

About the „Women of Excellence” Award:

The aim of the Az AmCham „Women of Excellence” award is to recognize exemplary, successful women, and to prove through their story that it is possible to be a woman, young and successful at the same time. The Award does not only accept nominations from the buisness sector, any succesful women from any field of expertise can be nominated, enterpreneurs as well as artists or sportswomen.

The award is not simply a „career-award”, but rather a „complex recognition of examplary human-womenly values, behaviours, lifestlye and way of life”.

You can watch the interview with last year’s winner, Ildikó Szűts and the designer of the award, Réka Vágó in Hungarian by clicking here.

For further information on the award visit www.noikivalosag.hu.

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