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Introduction of MEREPS and the Peacemaking Circles on „Probation Day”

2012. 12. 06.


On the 19th of November, 2012 the „Pártfogás Napja” event of the Ministry of Public Administration and Justice took place for the seventh time. Through plenar and section discussions, the event provided opportunity for the professional audience to familiarize themselves with the ongoing work in the different fields of probation supervision, to be introduced to some revolutionary projects and to discuss questions arising from these subjects.

Two of Foresee’s projects were picked for the professional program of the conference. On one of the plenar discussions, Dr. Tünde Barabás, Head of Department at the National University of Public Service, and reasearcher in the MEREPS project introduced the possible implementation of mediation inside the penal system through the findings of the project. The opening presentation of the restorative practices section was held by Dr. Borbála Fellegi on the matters of conflict management, tolerance and agression. Following the presentation, four probation mediators from Foresee’s Peacemaking Circles in Europe Project (Dr. Erika Magyar, Ágnes Kött, Zoltán Sitkei and István Szikora) spoke about the possibilities they think the implementation of peacemaking circles in Hungary would bring, based on the first experiences of the method’s application in criminal cases.

You can find the program of the conference in Hungarian here.
If you would like to know more about the project, click here.

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