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The fourth Grundtvig meeting in Slovakia

2013. 03. 07.


The second international conference of Grundtvig REDICT project was organised on 12-13th February 2013 in Presov, which was the fourth meeting of the program. The main lines of the event were workshops for professionals and agreement between partners about the next tasks of the project.

The organiser was the Slovakian Greek-Catholic Faculty of the University of Presov. Participants of the project meeting were: Slavka Karkosková  and Gabriel Pal’a from the university, Eva Vaňková from the European Institute for Reconciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (ESI), Marco Calabrese from the Italian Institute of Collaborative Law, Inga Posiunaite, Jevgenijus Posiunas, Vaidotas Sviderskis and Ingrida Sviderskiene from Lithuania, the Association „Iniciatyvu tinklas”, as well as Eszter Posch, István Szikora and Kitti Salamon from the Foresee Research Group. Regarding the REDICT project we talked about commitments of the partners, the final conference in Budapest and set milestones for tasks.

In the conference we listened to a lot of exciting presentations, inter alia from István Szikora who presented ‘The role of the active victim in special crime prevention - experiences from the practice of victim- offender mediation’; from Marco Calabrese who showed us the Alternative Dispute Resolution and Collaborative Practise in Italy; and from Slavka Karkosková who talked about the shortcomings of Slovakian probation mediation.

The first day after the conference we were invited to an excellent reception in the university’s hall, where a local student group played music. The next day before the project meeting the partners visited Pavel Hagyari, mayor of Presov, who told us about the third largest city in Slovakia; how important he thinks mediation was and welcomed the Grundtvig project; after that we visited  the Greek Catholic Cathedral of St. John the Baptist.

In the afternoon we travelled to Spišský hrad, one of the largest castles of Central Europe and part of the UNESCO World Heritage from wherewe enjoyed the wonderful view. The time we spent in Presov had an added value both concerning our professional networking activities and in the cultural exchange.

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