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Training in the Miskolc House of Opportunities

2013. 03. 10.


Dr. Borbála Fellegi, and András Winkler-Virág worked together in holding a two-day training entitled „Introducton to the practice of alternative conflict resolution and mediation” on the 28th of February and the 1st of March.

The training, held together by Foresee’s ecexutive, and the mediator of PárBeszéd Mediation in the Miskolc House of Opportunities saw child-protection experts and experts from the local government as participants.

The aim of the training was for the participants to:
-be able to identify conflicts, the stakeholders of said conflicts, also identify the needs, feelings, fears, competences, resources and goals of these stakeholders.
-familiarize themselves with the applicable models of participation-based conflict management; the preparation of the session, the flow and tools of facilitation.
-have a clearer understanding of the roles the „third party” can play in the process, and understand the logic behind the arguments that help make the choices.
-acknowledge their own strengths and limits.
-think about the possible implementation of thing learned in their own everyday practice.

The participants gave very positive feedback about the training , mentioning mainly the exercises, the mediation methodical knowledge and the importance of „everyday-usable” techniques in their oral and written responses.

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