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Forsee training at the Summer School Program of European Forum for Restorative Justice in Vienna

2013. 08. 10.


On the 1st of August, two Foresee trainers, Gabriella Benedek and Borbála Fellegi held a training session for an international group of practicing mediators, as on day of a five day long summer school training program.

The training, as the Summer School itself, has been organized within the framework of the ALTERNATIVE project.

The summer school forms part of a major project on alternative ways of dealing with conflicts in intercultural settings. It focuses on the challenges and opportunities of applying RJ in intercultural and diverse settings. Participants are expected to bring case studies and experiences of practice and research for discussion and study.

The trainers of Foresee Research Group (one of the partners in the project) intended for the training to:
-     give an overview of our action research (incl. its theoretical and practical steps and dilemmas) in an interactive way within the ALTERNATIVE project
-     map some of the existing power structures and conflicts occurring at the Hungarian site
-     enable participants to feel what these roles might mean for the different actors
-     enable participants to feel what it might be to take part in a community circle
-     show our research process by the help of 3 short films and lots of interaction, incl. role plays and other games
-     encourage participants to think about the possible relevance of this approach in their country
-     gain a lot of important input from the participants concerning the work we are doing in the ALTERNATIVE project.
In its methodology, in the frame of a comparative analysis the ALTERNATIVE project combines theoretical research on three large topics: (1) alternative epistemologies of justice and security, (2) conflict intervention in intercultural contexts and (3) existing methods of restorative justice and their relevance in intercultural conflicts with action research carried out in 4 different countries with different types, levels and settings of conflicts.

You can read more about Foresee’s role in the project here.

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