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„Mediation procedure in the light of the law – criminal phase” training on the Hungarian Judicial Academy

2013. 11. 21.


On the 18th of November, 2013. Foresee’s experts participated in the daylong training organized by the Hungarian Judicial Academy for 22 judges, bearing the title „Mediation procedure in the light of the law – criminal phase”

The participants saw presentations about the place of mediation in the legal system, the opportunities of mediation is midemeanor cases as seen by the police and about mediation in traffic offense cases as seen by a prosecutor. The presentations were held by Prof. Katalin Gönczöl, Dr. Ildikó Kincses, Dr. Imre Bertényi and Dr. Mónika Parti Mónika.

Since Foresee’s experts were given the chance to close the training day together with Zoltán Sitkei, a mediator of the Governmental Office of Hajdú-Bihar County, they decided to reach out to the audience in a more informal manner.
An agreement has been reached to start with a case simulation, which then was discussed in detail together with the participants, in smaller groups. Every group familiarized themselves with one of the stakeholders in the mediation, and discussed the stakeholder’s feelings, questions and expectations. Through the reports of the groups, nearly all the questions and feelings arising in a common mediation situation have been collected.

After this, the screening of a short film based on an English case took place and the participants discussed the issues and question that might arise in connection with it.
The day ended with a closing circle where everyone summarized his or her feelings in one word. Together with the numerous positive feedback, even the sceptic opinions agreed on the importance of mediation and its implementation in an ever growing number of cases.

The webiste of the Hungarian Judicial Academy can be reached here.

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