What is restorative justice?

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Presentation at the „A good word in Zugló” workshop

2013. 12. 08.


Dr. Borbála Fellegi held a presentation entitled "Seeing the person " – The possible implementation of peaceful conflict resolution methods (mediation and restorative techniques) in victim support on the workshop organized within the framework of the joint VictimSupport Programme of the Municipality of Zugló and the Trainbrand of Zugló.

In her presentation, Foresee’s executive introduced the restorative attitude, the main restorative models, and, speaking about the practice she also made mention of their ideal timing and placement, together with the main common items and standards. Proving the efficiency with data from actual researches, she then spoke of the importance of involvement, the quiestions bound to arise in the stakeholders, and the place and role of restorative techniques in the judicial system.

Also part of the presentation was the screening of the Foresee film, „We also exist” in order to show to the audience, through this project, how the peaceful conflict resolution techniques can be applied in the practice.

Based on the feedback received, the participants described the presentation as a positive experience. 

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