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Facilitating Peace-making Circles

2014. 03. 19.


A lecture and a workshop, with the above title, were held by Borbála Fellegi, the founder of Foresee Research Group at the 4-days meeting of the European Network of Trainers for Nonviolence and Resilience of Young people (E.N.T.R.Y.) on the 7th of March 2014.

E.N.T.R.Y., that is founded by the Grundtvig programme, aims to encourage the establishment of international expert networks that are able to draw attention to the problem of violence and oppression. The group members are scientists, expert companies, educational institutes and women’s rights activists.

At the second day of the meeting methodological lectures and case studies were presented to each other by the partners. Borbála Fellegi, who was invited to the meeting as a Hungarian external expert, expounded the method and the practical potential of peace-making circles as a conflict resolution technique. At the afternoon 2 parallel workshops were held. “Dance – reducing stress” workshop led by Argyris Argyrou aimed to make the participants familiar with the relaxant effect of dance.

At the other workshop Borbála gave a brief theoretical introduction of the technique and created a fictional peace-making circle of a conflict in a school. During the role play members of E.N.T.R.Y. could experience the operating principles and effectiveness of the method.

For more information about E.N.T.R.Y. visit their Facebook page. You can find information about peace-making circles here.

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