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Presentation and situational practice on the Hungarian Academy of Justice

2014. 03. 26.


On the 18th of March, Foresee’s experts held a presentation on the peacemaking circle technique, followed by a roleplay of a peacemaking circle in an actual felony (a theft), where the judges played the victims, perpetrators, supporters and experts as well based on rolecards, featuring nearly 20 judges from first and second degree.

Dr. Tünde Barabás, Head of Department at the national Institute of Criminology held a presentation with the title: “Restorative techniques, realization of victim rights”.

Dr. Borbála Fellegi, a Foresee’s executive facilitated the peacemaking circle together with Zoltán Sitkei, mediator of Justice Service of Hajdú-Bihar County.

The feedbacks were very positive, the judges participating emphasized the importance of responsibility taking, apologizing, and forgiveness and well as the major role of symbolic amends in criminal cases. After the play, the participants were discussing the possible implementation of mediation and peacemaking circle techniques in justice.

Foresee's experts, both as facilitartors and presenters were glad to see the strong will and need on the judges' part for the reconciliation between the two parties. Both the received feedback and the discussions show that the highly important cooperation of judges is something that can be counted upon.

You can read more on the Peacemaking Circle technique here.

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