What is restorative justice?

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Foresee Research Group at Radio Kossuth

2016. 02. 10.


Students have their time at the micophone every Friday at the "Houseguest" programme of the Hungarian national radio Kossuth. In this sub-programme called "Crossroads" it is them, who create the programme, invite the guests, with whom they then talk on air. Dr. Borbála Fellegi was one such guest in the 2016. 02.05. airing of the programme.

This installment of the show featured a specific, Foresee facilitated case from a school as the starting point and had the students and Foresee's executive discussing topics like respect, restorative techniques, mediation, and the role of the community in resolving conflicts. The student-anchors brought examples themselves, which they then discussed from a restorative point of view.

The programme can be reached here.

The werkfilm that was created for the show can be watched on this link.

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