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Joint thinking on forgiveness

2017. 02. 12.


Borbala Fellegi was among the presenters at the workshop organised by the Debrecen Reformed Theological University and the Debrecen University Archeological Research Group. The workshop, entitled as "Forgiveness and Reconciliation" was a milestone within the series of "interdisciplinary emotion-research" and of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.

Philosophers, researchers of theology, political sciences, literature, historians and criminologists came together to think on the complexities of forgiveness and reconciliation from different angles, sources, and by various methods.

Borbala Fellegi talked about her experiences from the restorative and mediation dialogues she has been facilitated in the recent years focusing on the potentials, dynamics, and also the limitations of forgiveness and reconciliation on micro, mezo and macro levels.

This workshop was a real, unique and innovative way of showing how representatives of different disciplines can come together and focus on one issue, while teaching and learning others about how they see that very similar theme from their different perspective. It was a really refreshing, eye-opening and motivating event for continuing our work towards better understanding the routes to forgiveness and reconciliation!

The programme of the workshop can be downloaded from here.

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