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Conflict resolution and restorative practices on our journey to the adult life

2018. 05. 14.


Foresee has started its training project in cooperation with the SOS Children's Villages Hungary Foundation.

Working together with the SOS Children's Villages Foundation Hungary our project's title is "Supporting disadvantaged young people's entry into the adult life" (funded by EFOP, No.1.2.7-16-2016-00001).
Our training series is provided between May and September 2018 for 14-17 years old young people living in the SOS Village's foster care system.
Our main philosophy is to work in close cooperation with the participating children, finding their own needs and inner motivations and provide interactive training occasions in order to:

- develop their communication skills,
- strengthen their resiliency for the present and for their future adult life,
- develop their constructive and peaceful conflict resolution skills,
- teach the applicability of restorative practices,
- and help them to build realistic and sustainable plans for their future based on their  vision.

Our training put community building, interactive and reflective group-learning through playing and experiencing into the focus. Based on these elements we aim at focusing on the already existing strengths and potentials of these children. According to our experiences, this strength-based approach is the one leading to the highest ability of developing their communication and conflict resolution skills.

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