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Foresee is taking part in the EU-funded IMPROVE project to support victims of domestic violence

2023. 04. 10.


The IMPROVE project sets out to reinforce the fight against domestic violence by developing several tools to increase reporting and detection of domestic violence by empowering the victims to understand their rights to services and justice. Besides, it will support the police authorities, civil society organisations and other frontline responder organisations in enhancing their competencies to utilise innovative solutions which will enable and accelerate policy implementation.


Innovations produced by IMPROVE are based on applied research that constructs a pioneering conceptual approach which efficiently addresses diverse identities of the survivors, the underserved, vulnerable and marginalised individuals as well as multiple forms and situations of domestic violence.


IMPROVE stands for “Improving Access to Services for Victims of Domestic Violence by Accelerating Change in Frontline Responder Organisations”.

Project Impacts of the IMPROVE project

  • Impact 1: Increase domestic violence reporting and improve access to domestic violence services for under-served, marginalised victims, by providing a novel entry point to existing frontline responder networks by means of an effective conversational AI Chatbot.
  • Impact 2: Accelerate domestic violence policy implementation using a validated common approach for frontline responder organisations and policy makers to reinforce and exploit existing solutions and enablers, while removing barriers to change and overcoming organisational inertia.
  • Impact 3: Improve multi-agency domestic violence responses for underserved populations by fostering the capacity building of frontline practitioners through scalable, low-threshold, targeted training, raising mutual understanding and bridging sectoral divides.
  • Impact 4: Raise awareness among, and empower, underserved European populations to access existing domestic violence services while increasing frontline responder organisations’ and policymakers’ knowledge and awareness of underserved populations’ needs.

The poject's short awareness raising video about partnership violence is available from here.

For more information about the IMPROVE project, see: 


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