What is restorative justice?

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21 minutes Podcast of Borbala Fellegi about her article on her theory about the so-called 'reconciliiation' and 'distancing' spirals based on her article "Bruising and Healing: The dynamics of resolving grievances (2021)"

2023. 11. 18.


In this conversation Claire de Mézerville López invited Borbala Fellegi to discuss her Presidential Paper, Bruising and healing: The dynamics of resolving grievances (2021), where Dr. Fellegi explains the reconciliation spiral and distancing spiral involved in the mediation process of dealing with conflict and reintegration at the community, interpersonal, and criminal level. We shed light on indicators of distance and the indicators of distance reduction between people that lead to healing and reconciliation. Dr. Fellegi illustrates the power of acknowledgement and acceptance in situations where there is resistance to finding solutions, ultimately recognizing and valuing all participants humanity and lived experience. (Source: https://podtail.com/podcast/restorative-works/borbala-fellegi-ph-d-speaks-with-claire-de-mezervi/)

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