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Professional report on victim support legislation drafts (2005-2006)

2006. 12. 13.


Central and Eastern European coutries often present legislation drafts to the Council of Europe in order to have its professional opinion, approval and help in creating an efficiently operable victim support system adaptive to European practice of law.

Dr. Borbála Fellegi, manager of Foresee Research Group has made several professional reports on such presented legislation drafts as an independent expert requested by the Council of Europe. Beyond the detailed analysis of the texts the necessary legal framework for victim support, continuous co-operation, exchange of experience between different organizations, encouragement of research activity and constant publicity are mentioned as general aspects to be emphasized.


In order to optimalize the new system opinions were concentrated on the organization of specific trainings for helpers of victims disadvantaged for different reasons, the compensation of financial and mental damage, as well as the facilitation and implementation of mediation techniques into practice.

Useful links for international victim support on the homepage of International Victimology Institute of Tilburg University (INTERVICT).

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