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Network building and strategical discussion for the Educational Network of Crime Prevention Academy

2009. 09. 10.


The team training held by Foresee Research Group for the tutors of Crime Prevention Academy aimed to define the route of future activities through sharing professional experience, brainstorming and conciliating expectations.

The Educational Network consists of theoretically prepaired and practically experienced professionals who would like to facilitate inland crime prevention by adding their empirical observations on child support, victim support, drug crimes etc. The meeting's main goal was to mobilize the network and make the members participation more efficient in crime prevention trainings. Beyond getting to know each other the policemen, educators, jurists, sociologists, social workers, psychologists who had joined the network were able to create a preventional approach acceptable for everyone in common.


After reviewing the educational activities of the Crime Prevention Academy new ideas were brought out connected to developing curriculum, doing research and organizing thematic workshops.

The trainers of the program were dr. Éva Győrfi and dr. Borbála Fellegi.


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