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Conflict resolution

We believe that conflict is a natural part of our social lives. Moreover, through their constructive handling, interpersonal relations can be significantly strengthened. Hence, conflicts and their peaceful resolution are crucial in building communities and (re)establishing social bonds.

With our conflict resolution services we aim to disseminate the theory and methods of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). By integrating the peaceful conflict resolution approach into the everyday’s life, we promote the necessity of seeking common gains and building on real dialogue through conflict resolution.

The category of alternative dispute resolution includes conflict management and negotiation technique methods. The common feature of these methods is that the parties concerned are able to manage and solve their conflict with the help of a neutral third party specializing in conflict resolution. Their interests prevail, negative emotions neutralize, and relationships stabilize. With this method everyone can come out a winner.

Mediation is one alternative dispute resolution technique.  In the mediation process an impartial mediator guides the voluntarily attending parties in the procedure to clarify the nature of their conflict and to find a beneficial solution for all. Thanks to new attitudes arising from the mediation process, the parties can form an agreement in line with their common interests.

2011. 06. 16

Community conflict resolution in school – Foresee Research Group’s KLIMA+ (Climate Positive) programme provides a film & an adjoining educational material. The programme closed at the end of May 2011 with its deliverables helps adult & peer moderators working in the field of school conflict resolution. The two and a half month long project supported by the Hungarian Ministry of Internal Affairs and the National Crime Prevention Board was concluded by the cooperation of nine partner organizations.

The project’s focus is a 27 minute short film (Intertwined) and an adjoining educational training material, developed with the direct involvement of students, teachers and various educational support professionals. The film presents...

2010. 05. 18

Due to the changings of the past years a new model of approach has become necessary in the Hungarian penal institutions as well. Foresee Research Group is participating in the achievment of this goal with several parallel programs.

2009. 05. 12

Hungary is suffering of a large number of ethnic-based conflicts of which the majority involves Roma people. Recognising it as a serious problem, Foresee Research Group, together with its numerous consortium partners, ran an experimental project in 2009 funded by the Hungarian Crime Prevention Committee.


The project combined community building and different ADR (alternative dispute resolution) methods in a small rural Hungarian village. Throughout the project we provided training for the local people, including: ‘tolerance’, ‘mediation’ and a so-called ‘implementation training’, namely how to...