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In working out sustainable solutions for a given problem, the need for development of several competencies for affected people often emerges.  With the help of Foresee’s interdisciplinary professionals, we develop and execute combined or subject-specific training programmes tailored to the given needs of the target groups. With our communication, tolerance and mediation training programmes, we aim to facilitate effective conflict resolution and to reduce and prevent prejudices arising in society. Individual or group training sessions are held for policy makers, practitioners of the social, justice and education system and for members of local communities .

2013. 03. 10

Dr. Borbála Fellegi, and András Winkler-Virág worked together in holding a two-day training entitled „Introducton to the practice of alternative conflict resolution and mediation” on the 28th of February and the 1st of March.

The training, held together by Foresee’s ecexutive, and the mediator of PárBeszéd Mediation in the

2012. 12. 11

Borbála Fellegi participated as a guest in the roundtable discussion organized by ELTE Faculty of Law’s Criminology Scientific Students’ Association on the subject of prison mediation, where she talked with criminologist-lawyer students about the findings of the MEREPS project and a screening also took place.

The discussion examined the following questions in connection with criminal mediation, that can be used (since the year 2006) in minor criminal cases: Could mediation be used in more serious cases, together with imprisonment? Can mediation ease the contorversions between inmates and prison staff?...

2012. 10. 31

Dr. Borbála Fellegi held a presentation entitled „The possible application of restorative techniques in community conflicts – Experiences gained from actual community mediation in a small town „ at the Mediation Workshop of Budapest College of Communication and Buisness. The small-group, interactive presentation complemented by practice took place on the 25th of October 2012.

Many among the 12 participants were noted tutors of the „Leadership and Management” master course, but economists and experts in leading positions interested in mediation also attended the presentation.

The presentaion introduced the audience to the theory, practice, principles, and...

2012. 10. 24

23 prison-judges from all of Hungary’s counties participated in the training about the implementation of restorative techniques in prison settings at the Judicial Academy by Dr. Borbála fellegi, Dr. Tünde Barabás (OKRI) and Dr. Zsolt Fekete (Balassagyarmat Court). The findings of the MEREPS project played an important part in the training.

The experts of the MEREPS project were responsible for the first section of the two-day long training. During the introduction moderated by Dr. Borbála Fellegi, the participants’ knowledge of the practice of restorative techniques has been measured. Following the introduction, Dr. Zsolt Fekete...

2012. 07. 15

The lectures introducing the basic principles, techniques, and fields of application of mediation familiarized students with new ways of conflict resolution emphasizing the community and school applicability of restorative practices.

The two-week (4-15. of July 2012.) long mediation training organized in cooperation by Central European University,

2012. 07. 15

Borbála Fellegi participated as a trainer in the 30-hour training organized by the Penal Institue of Heves County in May 2012.

The three-day-long training saw altogether 10 participants. Six of them were disciplinarians from the Penal Institue of Heves County  and four came from the Balassagyarmat Prison.

The aim of the training was to familiarize the participants with the restorative approach, so that they...

2012. 03. 17

Borbála Fellegi presented the theory and practice of restorative methods for the postgraduate students of mediation at Pázmány Péter Science University’s Faculty of Humanities in the form of a training.

The training demonstrated multiple restorative methods, the students had the opportunity to experience for example criminal mediation, the conference technique, the peacemaking circle, the methodology of community mediation and the family group decision making.

As another major part of...

2012. 03. 17

Borbála Fellegi held a course on the theory and practice of restorative procedures for the master studens of ELTE’s faculty of Education and Psychology.

During the practical part of the course the students were introduced to criminal mediation, the conference method, peacemaking circles, the methodology of community mediation and also the method of family decision making groups.

Besides the practical introduction of the various...

2011. 12. 09

Gabriella Benedek and Borbála Fellegi held a 30 hours training entiled „Interprofessional community work” at the Széchenyi István University of Győr. The training was organized by the Social Work faculty of the institute.

The majority of the 25 students who signed up for the course were people with degrees from related areas of expertise, many amongst them leaders of various institutes.

The training introduced the approach, practice, and applicability of alternative dispute resolution in cases of...

2011. 08. 23

Foresee is partnering in the project entitled “Resolving Disputes in the 21st Century” funded by the EU's Lifelong Programme "Grundtvig"


One of Foresee’s partners, the European Institute of Reconciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (ESI) won an EU application, and with Foresee’s and other’s partnership will be carrying out its project in the framework of the Grundtvig EU-Project. You can read more on the project below.

Foresee’s special role within the project’s aim will be to focus on the potential of alternative methods of solving disputes in community-related conflicts (such as Roma-non-Roma conflicts) and in the crime prevention and criminal justice field (based on the restorative justice approach).

2011. 08. 22

On 9th of June dr. Borbála Fellegi, executive director of the Foresee Research Group and teacher at CEU’s two weeks mediation training screened held presentations in two subjects for a group of thirty six people, mostly students from the United States.

The two-week course, entitled „Mediation and other methods to foster democratic dialogue” facilitated the exchange of ideas and cooperative projects among mediation scholars, practitioners, trainers, and students in the East and West. Through lecture, discussion, demonstration and role-plays,...

2011. 08. 22

Between the 1st and 5th of August, 2011. the preparational camp program named „Alternative coexistence” of the „The intoduction of alternative conflict management, interest-based communication and restorative techniques to the practice of vocational schools " project has been organized in Zánka.

The camp was organized as part of the project of the Institute for Educational Research and Development. Among the aims were the introduction of alternative conflict management to the participating...

2011. 08. 03

The Másság Foundation’s Office for the Protection of National and Ethnical Minority Rights (OPNEMR), supported by the Embassy of the United States of America is organizing a daylong workshop in Debrecen.

Date of the workshop:12. September 2011.(Monday) 10.00 – 16.00

Location of the workshop: American Corner Debrecen (Cultural Centre Debrecen, 1st...

2011. 06. 16

Community conflict resolution in school – Foresee Research Group’s KLIMA+ (Climate Positive) programme provides a film & an adjoining educational material. The programme closed at the end of May 2011 with its deliverables helps adult & peer moderators working in the field of school conflict resolution. The two and a half month long project supported by the Hungarian Ministry of Internal Affairs and the National Crime Prevention Board was concluded by the cooperation of nine partner organizations.

The project’s focus is a 27 minute short film (Intertwined) and an adjoining educational training material, developed with the direct involvement of students, teachers and various educational support professionals. The film presents...

2011. 06. 27

Interactive workshop about RJ principles and methods for a large group of motivated high school students was held at Tolerance Day at Városmajor Grammar School by Borbála Fellegi and Zsuzsanna Z. Papp.

How do you relate to conflicts? Can we benefit from them? What alternative ways are there to deal with them if you do not want to go to court? If you were a victim of a crime would you want to meet the offender? These questions, among others, were addressed at the workshop with the students’ active...