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Education for Sentenced Minors & Young Adults

2016. 05. 15.


From 2011 to 2013, five partners (CY-DE-ES-FR-TR) proposed ESM project based on the education of sentenced minors. Partners observed that the situation at the end of the sentence escaped from any protocol and /or coaching process which led the youth quickly to reproduce crimes so to enrol them in a "career of recidivism" and go back to an institution where sometimes violence makes them recognized and accepted as leaders (although it can be negatively ignored by their family for the same reasons). Partners then agreed that a number of factors observed during this two years period will need to be explored through studies, research and investigations leading to come to operational recommendations.

Some partners from the initial project decided to continue their work proposing ESM-YA (sentenced Young Adults too) for 2015/2016 and expanding partnership that integrates complementary missions (probation service, centres for social work, charity NGO for ex-prisoners) so to be able at any time of a path of pain and postsentence to accommodate needs and responses. ESM-YA partners are from public institutions or associated and worked in different European projects whose theme is education in prison mainly addressed to inmates regardless of age. They are located in 8 different countries as EU members: BE, CY, ES, FR, HU, IT, LV and RO, the Spanish one being the coordinating organization as project leader. ESM-YA does not aim to add services to services. It seeks to optimize existing resources and optimize partnerships currently existing. The partnership will work on one hand with justice operators, professionals in mental health, and on the other hand, with prison personnel and professionals from education and social work occurring during the execution of the sentence and after release for a sustainable and secure future reintegration. Initial research in ESM showed that some difficulties were common to all and others (eg. Open prison’s system) are particular to some partners so ESM-YA intends to focus on following items: ➢Promote and reinforce cooperation between the different areas/departments that relate with the development of young offenders (justice, health, education, culture, sport...) ➢ Prevent from recidivism through improved models of intervention strategies and program models (ie. to fight violence in pear-to-pear situation). ➢Facilitate and strengthen social and labour insertion of young offenders.

The implication of the combination “Policymaker / teaching unit / security environment / education” is essential to the sustainability of results while it also shows the willingness of partners to approach the form and content together with the security constraints that are added to the already highly specialized and individualized educational support necessary for the young offenders. With ESM-YA project we will get the chance to extend activities towards the specific problems of young offenders (non behavioural attitudes, mental health, violence,...). Together with the different partner organizations we will create new procedures for new practices. After a period of implementation of these procedures we hope to give adequate recommendations for further situations in regard of Education for Sentenced Minors and Young Adults (ESM-YA).

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