What is restorative justice?

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We all live as members of different communities. We at Foresee believe in the strength of community, active community participation, the awakening of community consciousness, openness towards one another, the importance of cooperation, and the necessity of continuous community development.

Community development improves the lives of residents of a given place through activating them, improving their relationships, their knowledge and their capacity to pursue their own interests.

Ambitious initiatives designed for local needs, opening local publicity channels, reinforcing local people and groups committed to acting for the community, and guiding communities in local decision making are the key areas of our community development work.

As the level of trust increases, the number of local initiatives does too. There is more volunteer activity in the community and widespread acceptance of the norms of coexistence. Through these changes, areas can retain their residents, plus gain and utilize external resources in a more effective way.

To maximize the involvement of inherent community resources in our work, we focus primarily on strengthening the feeling of togetherness and on exploration of common goals.