What is restorative justice?

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Workplace mediation process - This is a real mediated case from our praxis in which parties are played by colleagues. The mediation is an uncut 1hour40 minutes long recording in which you can watch each stage and a lot of techniques that the mediators (Borbala Fellegi, Andras Winkler-Virag) use. This is a fully improvised process, there was no script available.

This short film was produced as part of the IMPRODOVA research program, to which Foresee Research Group contributes as the Hungarian partner. The programme is executed between 2018-2021 with the financial support of the European Union. The research aims at mapping institutional answers for high-impact relational violence in eight countries, including Hungary. The main question of the research is how the police, the social welfare institutions and the health care system do react to relational violence and what the main problems are that hinder the effective reactions to violence.

Restorative Welcome and Re-entry circle film from California, made by Cassidy Friedman. A beautiful film on the method of circle showing how teachers, mates and family can help a young man to go back to school after prison.

Intertwined - A film featuring high school students about school conflicts' alternative resolution methods and their most important principles created within Foresee Research Group's Klíma+ project. A film about creating consensus, involvement, partnership, honor, restoration, acceptance, inclusioniving, community.

Community building and conflict resolution in local communities - A film about alternative dispute resolution techniques and community building methods to empower local communities in rebuilding social bonds, resolving conflicts, re-enforcing cohesion and finding shared goals for the future. A film about how living together in peace is not simple, but not impossible...

Who we are and what we do?

A short introductory film about the staff of Foresee and the first steps of our progamme "Community Encounters" started in 2013.

The Great Journey

Foresee Research Group is participating in an international research project, titled ALTERNATIVE, funded under the EU's 7th Framework Programme. Our film-series (to see our introductory film, go here) is an attempt to present the milestones of the four-year action research – as we see them during the process.

In this 12 minutes film, entitled ‘The Great Journey’ we try to reveal some aspects of the daily life in a Hungarian village, Kakucs, and we tell some stories that we jointly experienced about security, justice, conflicts, as well a conflict-resolution and civil society. Our goal is to map how this diverse community operates. We examine the validity and appropriateness of the so-called restorative approach: we do not supply the solution, only help to generate dialogue. As a result, those involved can recognise their unity and their own abilities in order to be able to draw on their solutions to bridge the ruptures.

We can learn from each other about handling conflicts peacefully and effectively. We can promote better communication among people and help them to more freely share their difficulties, cooperate in finding common solutions.

Filming is supporting all of us, since ‘it is important to see clearly along the way’.

So let's go to Kakucs then!

Building Bridges of Trust

The next chapter of our video diary in the ALTERNATIVE project: action, research, conflicts, dialogs, peacemaking - questions and cases from the village of Kakucs.

The future of Restorative Justice

RJ Week 2014 - EFRJ Film

This video has been created by the Foresee Research group (Hungary) in collaboration with the European Forum for Restorative Justice and funded by the Criminal Justice Programme of the European Union in occasion of the International RJ Week 2014. The interviews has been made during the EFRJ Conference in Belfast (Northern Ireland), June 2014. More information on the EFRJ activities can be found here: www.euforumrj.org

The last video: the end of the research. Sounds and pictures from the habitats of the village and our team.