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2011. 10. 20

The project involving 19 participants from all over Europe (Spain, Portugal, Italy, Hungary, Latvia and Sweden) volunteering or working in the civil sphere introduced the seven-step conflict resolution method developed by Colectivo Cala.

The exciting and inspiring conflict resolution training funded by the EU took place in a breathtakingly beautiful ecological center in Southern Spain held by Colectivo CALA (Association for...

2011. 08. 23

Foresee is partnering in the project entitled “Resolving Disputes in the 21st Century” funded by the EU's Lifelong Programme "Grundtvig"


One of Foresee’s partners, the European Institute of Reconciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (ESI) won an EU application, and with Foresee’s and other’s partnership will be carrying out its project in the framework of the Grundtvig EU-Project. You can read more on the project below.

Foresee’s special role within the project’s aim will be to focus on the potential of alternative methods of solving disputes in community-related conflicts (such as Roma-non-Roma conflicts) and in the crime prevention and criminal justice field (based on the restorative justice approach).

2011. 08. 22

On 9th of June dr. Borbála Fellegi, executive director of the Foresee Research Group and teacher at CEU’s two weeks mediation training screened held presentations in two subjects for a group of thirty six people, mostly students from the United States.

The two-week course, entitled „Mediation and other methods to foster democratic dialogue” facilitated the exchange of ideas and cooperative projects among mediation scholars, practitioners, trainers, and students in the East and West. Through lecture, discussion, demonstration and role-plays,...

2011. 08. 22

Between the 1st and 5th of August, 2011. the preparational camp program named „Alternative coexistence” of the „The intoduction of alternative conflict management, interest-based communication and restorative techniques to the practice of vocational schools " project has been organized in Zánka.

The camp was organized as part of the project of the Institute for Educational Research and Development. Among the aims were the introduction of alternative conflict management to the participating...

2011. 08. 22

As Foresee’s representatives, Dr. Éva Győrfi, Gabriella Benedek and Dr. Borbála Fellegi held a presentation and interactive workshop on the subject of handling conflicts in school, the KLÍMA+ project and the applicability of the film.

2011. 08. 03

The Másság Foundation’s Office for the Protection of National and Ethnical Minority Rights (OPNEMR), supported by the Embassy of the United States of America is organizing a daylong workshop in Debrecen.

Date of the workshop:12. September 2011.(Monday) 10.00 – 16.00

Location of the workshop: American Corner Debrecen (Cultural Centre Debrecen, 1st...

2011. 07. 04

Dr. Barabás Andrea and Dr. Windt Szandra represented the MEREPS project demonstrating the progress and results of the RJ in prison settings program.

The meeting took place in Brussels on the 15th of June. The report of the previous General Meeting and the annual reports have been approved, the accounts of the Committees have been presented followed by the evaluation of three international projects, financial concerns, policy work and future...

2011. 07. 18

The ’’Intertwined’ has been presented to mediation practicing, international audience for the first time.

On 9th of june dr. Borbála Fellegi, executive director of the Foresee Research Group and teacher at CEU’s two weeks mediation training...

2011. 06. 30

Final Conference of the project ‘Mediation and Restorative Justice in the Prison Settings’.

On 17-19 January 2012

At the Hungarian Judicial Academy, Budapest and the Prison in Balassagyarmat, Hungary.

2011. 06. 16

Community conflict resolution in school – Foresee Research Group’s KLIMA+ (Climate Positive) programme provides a film & an adjoining educational material. The programme closed at the end of May 2011 with its deliverables helps adult & peer moderators working in the field of school conflict resolution. The two and a half month long project supported by the Hungarian Ministry of Internal Affairs and the National Crime Prevention Board was concluded by the cooperation of nine partner organizations.

The project’s focus is a 27 minute short film (Intertwined) and an adjoining educational training material, developed with the direct involvement of students, teachers and various educational support professionals. The film presents...

2011. 07. 18

The members community developers National Development Workshop, and the brand new organization for a group of young specialists – baptized to the name of Young Developers Workshop – watched the short film as an optional program.

Despite the late start, the screening was followed by vigorous conversation and discussion amongst the participants, proposing that screenings should be held not only to student groups, but could be part of teacher meetings as well. Considering the usefulness of the film, the participants arriving...

2011. 05. 26

The executive of Foresee Research Group presented the participants with the results the MEREPS project has reached so far.

This yearly conference provides institutes and organizations aiming to establish and disseminate the spirit of mediation with a chance to meet. Also, it is a great occasion to discuss actualities in the field.

The participants are representatives of institutes and organizations...

2011. 04. 21

Handbook on the applicability of mediation and restorative justice in prisons.

Our sense of justice and the need to protect our society require us to send people who commit serious crimes to prison. At least for a time…

What happens to offenders during their prison term and afterwards? What do they think about the crime they committed and the damage they caused? To...

2010. 06. 08

The practical excercises and principal lectures about the basic ideas, methods and possible application fields of mediation initiated the audience into new opportunities of conflict resolution with special emphasis on the state and results of reconciliative approach in the Central Eastern European region.

The two weeks long international training organised by the partnerhip of the Central European University, the Hamline University School of Law and the Benjamin Cardozo School of Law between the 7-18th June lined up a number of international professionals such as Lela Love, Joseph Stulberg, Petra...

2010. 05. 19

The lectures of a regional professional conference in Székesfehérvár gave a general picture about restorative justice, the importance and possibilities of its wide range application.

Supporting restorative approach Green Apple Health Development Foundation presented the actual situation, opportunities and practical experience of restorative justice to a number of...