What is restorative justice?

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Together with its interdisciplinary network of professionals, Foresee Research Group participates in and actively facilitates projects and programmes realizing its mission and objectives. Independently or as a consortium member, Foresee can effectively support individual and community initiatives and brings projects to fruition in Hungary or abroad. In the course of planning and executing projects, Foresee always supports building extensive partnerships with its clients and cooperating organizations. We believe that effective answers to the problems of our society require unity and continuous network building between multiple professions and institutions.

Our partners and target groups are:
1.    members of underprivileged groups
2.    local communities
3.    NGO workers
4.    researchers and academics
5.    practitioners of the judicial, social welfare and education system
6.    policy makers and civil servants
7.    representative of international communities (European Union, Council Of the        European Union, United Nations, representatives of international research          and cooperation programs)

2008. 02. 11

Foresee Research Group gave a three days training in co-operation with Partners Hungary Association, Central Office of Justice and Dr. Péter Téglás (prosecutor of Kiskunhalas) organized by the Crime Prevention Academy.

Within the framework of the Crime Prevention Academy together with Dr. Tibor Kertész (Partners Hungary Foundation), Dr. Edit Törzs (