What is restorative justice?

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Restorative justice from a principal approach - training at the Crime Prevention Academy (March 2010)

2010. 03. 29.


The presentation given at the Crime Prevention Academy was theoretical and practical at the same time: it offered an overview of restorative justice's basic principals and practical models. The training aspired to be interactive, by creating an active group session and shared numerous films to unburden the procedure of understanding and learning together.


The audience got a wide picture of restorative justice's precepts, methods, results, international succes and the opportunities of its Hungarian implementation.

Az előadók () a resztoratív igazságszolgáltatás terén több éves és számos külföldi tapasztalattal rendelkező elméleti és gyakorlati szakemberek voltak.

The lecturers (dr. Borbála Fellegi, dr. Csongor Herke and Vidia Negrea) are all  professionals with several years of theoretical and practical international experience.

The presentation can be downloaded from here.

More information about the lecturers and their activities can be found on the following websites:







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