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Conference at Presov University about mediation's present and future

2010. 04. 13.


The two-day conference in Slovakia gathered the professionals of all Central-Eastern-European countries in order to give report about the situation, success and actual questions of mediation according to their own experience. The lectures emphasized the psychological, ethical and crime preventional aspects of restorative techniques while some of them even referred to the special theological relations of this method.

As the only Hungarian lecturer of the conference under the presidency of Jana Levická dr. Borbála Fellegi talked about mediation in ethnic-based conflicts through presenting one of Foresee Research Group's successful projects ("Community mediation in Nagybörzsöny").

After having an overview about the basic principles and Foresee's strategy the audience got acquainted with the sources of local conflicts (such as segregation, negative stereotypes within the community, high rate of delinquency), the methods of articulating interests and needs and the main steps of starting teamwork. Through the realization of these ideas the project achieved the co-operation between professionals and local volunteers just as the beginning of community dialogue.

The results, difficulties and new questions led to the conclusion that mediation and community-building must be used together in order to reinforce communities and help them live together in peace.

Further information about Foresee's Nagybörzsöny project can be found here.

The programme of the conference and dr. Borbála Fellegi's presentation can be downloaded from here.


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