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Conference about children's rights arranged by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

2010. 04. 15.


The conference examining children's rights in Hungary was organized to prepare the 2011 general report on human rights for UN. Governmental and independent experts participated in the professional meeting presenting different approaches and suggesting alternative solutions.

The meeting set up by the Department of International Organizations and Human Rights of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs concerned the following topics: domestic violence, segregation, youth delinquency, and the opportunities of socially disabled children.

Foresee Reasearch Group's manager dr. Borbála Fellegi was requested by István Lakatos (ambassador of human rights) to talk about the situation of young criminals. In her presentation she discussed the present system's deficiency and possible solutions. She stressed the co-operation of youth defence and jurisdiction, state and civil organizations as well as continuous exchange of information and experience between professionals of all concerned fields. Developing personal relations, giving special trainings and establishing a restorative approach would be the biggest step towards a better handling of such a burning problem.

Dr. Borbála Fellegi's presentation can be downloaded from here.


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