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Conference in Warsaw for international co-operation in mediation

2009. 12. 08.


International practice of mediation was presented by the participants of the two-day conference in order to help future methodical, juridical and institutional development in Poland. The program's basic idea was international co-operation between mediators from all over Europe.

As the only Hungarian participant of the conference Foresee Research Group particularly stressed the realtions to be built between Central Europen countries and the Polish Ministry of Justice. The presentation concerned the question of co-operation between practicers of law, continuous exchange of experience within professional dialogue and a wide range adaptation of medative approches.


Among the lecturers there were several internationally acclaimed experts such as Nil Christie (Norway), Martin Wright (England), Christa Pelikan (Austria), Pavel Stern (Czech Republic), Frank Winter (Germany) és Rustem Maksudov (Russia).

The extract of the presentation can be downloaded from here, the full material is available here.

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