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International training on mediation at the Central European University (CEU)

2010. 06. 08.


The practical excercises and principal lectures about the basic ideas, methods and possible application fields of mediation initiated the audience into new opportunities of conflict resolution with special emphasis on the state and results of reconciliative approach in the Central Eastern European region.

The two weeks long international training organised by the partnerhip of the Central European University, the Hamline University School of Law and the Benjamin Cardozo School of Law between the 7-18th June lined up a number of international professionals such as Lela Love, Joseph Stulberg, Petra Bárd, Christian Hartwig, Kollonay Csilla and Borbála Fellegi. Foresee Research Group's manager read a paper about mediation's adaptation in the Hungarian jurisdiction system and another one about she overviewed efficient rconciliative techniques through the example of a successful community mediation program in Nagybörzsöny. During an informal talk following the presentation concerned an analysis of conflict resolution methods and the facilitation of communication between opposing parties.

The presentation about the Hungarian reception of victim-offender mediation can be downloaded from here, the paper on a practical introduction of mediative techniques is available here.

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