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Discussion about the forcoming experimental mediation program of the Prison of Balassagyarmat

2010. 05. 18.


Due to the changings of the past years a new model of approach has become necessary in the Hungarian penal institutions as well. Foresee Research Group is participating in the achievment of this goal with several parallel programs.

Associates of the National Institute of Criminology and the Gaol and Prison of Balassagyarmat participated in the professional discussion concerning the details of MEREPS project's experimental mediation programs planned for the fall of 2010. Besides the next trainings they also conferred the one-year program which is supposed to apply mediation and different restorative techniques in the convict's conflicts with each other, victims or family members.

MEREPS provides a training on 27th September 2010 for professionals who aim to help prisoners' successful re-integration. Participants will learn about the program's basic ideas, principles and future co-workers will get the necessray guidance for using the pilot efficiently.  On 28th September prisoners can attend a similar lecture focusing on victims' approaches and responsability.

Between 19-21 October 2010 Marian Liebman English expert is going to give a three-day prison-mediation training to the prison's co-workers with an emphasis on mediative methods successfully applied in penal institutions.

For more about the whole program, its goals and methods visit MEREPS's website.

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