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Interview (with Borbála Fellegi also) in TV2 ('Strucc' - 18 October) about the chances of mediation in political matters

2008. 10. 18.


The TV programme is available here ('további TV-k' - 'Strucc TV' - 'Naptár' - '10)

Eszter Hajdú and Balázs Gál are making a documentary film with people, whose relationships - after the democratic changes - have been damaged or stopped because of their different political views.

The main question of the film, whether there is any chance in these cases to talk to each other about the underlying reasons, the pain one had to suffer, the different needs, and maybe to come to agreement for the future.
In this process a mediator - who is a neutral, third person - is helping the parties by assuring a safe and balanced atmosphere, in which the parties can freely express their thoughts, emotions and needs.
The professional partner in the film is the of National Association Mediation.

Of course, anyone can say that this idea is rather idealistic than realistic. We know that mediation is not a panacea, not to mention that these types of conflicts are highly complex and getting sharper day by day due to the different political games. But mediation will not make these conflicts worse. Then why not to give a chance?

The demofilm can be downloaded from here.

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