What is restorative justice?

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Mediation training for the Hungarian Judicial Academy

2008. 02. 07.


Together with Dr. Veronika Dénes (Pest District Court), Dr. Attila Stummer (Pest District Court), Dr. Edit Törzs (Central Office of Justice) and Drienyivszki János (Office of Justice, Budapest) we gave a half day training in mediation at the Hungarian Judicial Academy for young judges coming from variuos counties of Hungary. During the training we have highlighted the main aspects of the restorative justice approach; its international practice; and the main lessons learnt during the operation of the one-year-old institution of mediation in criminal matters in Hungary - with the eyes of the judge and of the mediator. Maybe this training was another step that help strengthening the effective cooperation between the judicial authorities and the mediators...

Borbála Fellegi's presentation can be downloaded from here.

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