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Training on mediation and restorative justice for police officers

2008. 02. 11.


Foresee Research Group gave a three days training in co-operation with Partners Hungary Association, Central Office of Justice and Dr. Péter Téglás (prosecutor of Kiskunhalas) organized by the Crime Prevention Academy.

Within the framework of the Crime Prevention Academy together with Dr. Tibor Kertész (Partners Hungary Foundation), Dr. Edit Törzs (Central Office of Justice), János Drienyovszki (Office of Justice Budapest) and Dr. Péter Téglás (Prosecution Office, Kiskunhalas) we gave a 2.5 days long training for 23 police officers working in the field of investigation, crime prevention, youth affairs and victim support. The training included several presentations and interactive activities about the theoretical and methodological aspects of mediation.

Throughout role plays the trainees could try out the different methods (mediation, facilitation, circles) themselves. Sessions were also dedicated to the main principles and practices of restorative justice in all levels of the society as well as to its international experiences. A great emphasis was put on stimulating small group discussions by which participants could exchange their thoughts on 1.) how they can apply the different aspects of mediation in their daily work; 2.) in what ways mediation can help their work as police officers; 3.) and what they need in order to further develop the application of this method in their work.As group leader for 1.5 days, Borbála Fellegi acknowledges that this team was fantastically colourful, well-prepared, ambitious and enthusiastic. They have been open and flexible not only for applying the different techniques and procedures in their work, but many of them - as human beings - have recognised the importance of applying the basic restorative justice principles in their daily life.

Borbála Fellegi's presentation can be downloaded from here.
Some photos about the training can be found here.

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