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„Children In Live” A Foresee organized event during the Week of Citizen Involvement

2009. 09. 22.


Between 21st and 27th of September 2009 in 17 countries – including Hungary- several hundreds of events arranged by civil and local organizations drew attention to the importance of civil involvement and local acts.

Youth was one of the key topics of this year series of events. The „Children In Live” World café-talking organized by Foresee Research Group was the closing programme of the week. Subjects like self-esteem, involvement and possibilities of realization of democracy in schools were discussed in small groups of invited child and adult „experts”. Group sessions were followed by short scenes of the Theatre of Improvisations inspired by stories, questions and dilemmas evolved during discussions. In order to let new aspects unfold by these performances we defined, shared and visualised feelings we lived through.

Cooperating partner in organizing:

Roots and Wings Civil Development Workshop


Ferenc Péterfi, a Association of Community Developers, President

Theatre of Improvisations

For event photos click here.

For further information about the programme series please click here. To watch a short film about the 2009 campaign click here.

Organising partners of Citizen Involvement Week in Hungary:

Association of Community Developers
Civil Hall Foundation
Alliance for Development of Citizen Involvement Association
Professional Network for Supporting Community Initiatives
Hungarian Institute for Civilization and Lectorate of Arts


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