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Conflict management training: Our common challange in Alburquerque, Spain 8-11 September, 2011

2011. 10. 20.


The project involving 19 participants from all over Europe (Spain, Portugal, Italy, Hungary, Latvia and Sweden) volunteering or working in the civil sphere introduced the seven-step conflict resolution method developed by Colectivo Cala.

The exciting and inspiring conflict resolution training funded by the EU took place in a breathtakingly beautiful ecological center in Southern Spain held by Colectivo CALA (Association for Education based on Alternative Values) with the participation of Zsuzsanna Z. Papp representing Foresee Research Group, together with Krisztina Katona on behalf of Mural Moral Field and two other active civil workers from Hungary.
The seven-step (preparing, expressing, analyzing, proposing, agreeing, specifying, evaluating) method combines various elements of non-violent conflict management with special focus on positive affective communication, various tools to analyze conflicts (glass, circle, SWOT, path analysis) and agreement construction. During the four eventful days led by two extremely smiley and engaged Spanish trainers, Leticia and Maria Jesús, participants were provided with both theoretical and practical training in the field of conflict management as well as a number of occasions to network and learn about each others’ area of work (eg. Fair of Organizations) in the hope of possible cooperation in the future along with exciting free time activities (such as sightseeing, Fair of Countries, City Fiesta), great food and much more with Spanish style siestas and fiestas in Zorro’s beautiful land. 

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