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Grundtvig REDICT / first meeting: October 3-4 2011. Vilnius

2011. 11. 14.


As part of REDICT (Resolving Disputes in twenty-first CenTury) project the Czech project leaders in cooperation with Hungarian, Slovak, Lithuanian and Italian partners agreed upon organizing four personal meetings during the project's two year lifespan starting at the fall of 2011. The reason for this was to get to know each other's cultural heritage and habits, and thus to forward the main aim of the project: broadening the knowledge of the general public and the related professions considering alternative conflict management.

The first meeting took place in Vilnius, the representatives of the partner organisations were as follows:
- The project leader European Institute for Reconciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (ESI) was represented by Lenka Pavlová and Marie Bohacová,

- The Greek Catholic Faculty of the University of Presov was represented by Slavka Karkosková, Renata Dolanská and Kamil Kardis

- The Italian Institute of Collaborative Law was represented by Marco Calabrese and Francesca Corradi

- The Lithuanian Association „Iniciatyvu tinklas” was represented by Danguole Bogusevieciene, Andrej Boguseviec, Andrej Jurkoit and Inga Ingeborga

- Foresee was represented by Gabriella Benedek and Eszter Posch.

The partners agreed on providing the operative conditions needed in order to succesfully carry out the project and the tasks that need to be completed before the next personal meeting.

The meeting ended in evaluating both aspects of the project, both cultural and professional. Foresee is thrilled by the opportunity to introduce the dissemination material produced in this project to its target groups in other, ongoing projects. The project seems to provide a great framework for involving other Hungarian groups already involved in the dissemination of alternative conflict management into this international forum.

You can find more info on the project here.http://foresee.hu/segedoldalak/hirek/554/b1494f5e97/1/

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