What is restorative justice?

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Training for mediation students

2012. 03. 17.


Borbála Fellegi presented the theory and practice of restorative methods for the postgraduate students of mediation at Pázmány Péter Science University’s Faculty of Humanities in the form of a training.

The training demonstrated multiple restorative methods, the students had the opportunity to experience for example criminal mediation, the conference technique, the peacemaking circle, the methodology of community mediation and the family group decision making.

As another major part of the training, the most important restorative justice related axioms, theories, Hungarian and international researches and results were presented from a psychological, sociological and legal point of view.

The participating students also had the opportunity to watch four educational films, among them the school and community mediation films made by Foresee.

The majority of the participants expressed their satisfaction regarding the training. They emphasized the appropriate balance between theory and practice, the complex and colorful presentation of the restorative approach and that the learnt methods are helpful in everyday situations.

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