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’Creating a mediator praxis’ training at BKF

2013. 04. 10.


Dr. Borbála Fellegi, and András Winkler-Virág worked together in holding the 20 hour training for the 18 students of Management and Leadership at Budapest College of Communication and Business.

Based on the feedback, 98% of the participants was completely contended with both the trainers and the content of the course held by Foresee’s ecexutive, and the mediator of PárBeszéd Mediation. They described their emotions towards the training as positive (’thankful’, ’overall positive’, ’satisfied’, etc.).

The students mentioned the practical examples, the open conversation circles, discussions, cooperative work and the demonstration of different methods as positive qualities of the course as well as the personal atmosphere, the high quality level, the interactivity and last but not least the professionalism, the personality, the attention and the democratic, assertive attitude of the trainers.

According to the participants, from among the legion of knowledge that they have gained throughout the course, the things that they most likely will use in the future are empathy during conflicts, the importance of dialogue, the approach, the techniques for recognizing and handling situations, the possible implementation of the techniques, the attitude modelled by the presenters, and the ability to help resolve conflicts as an outsider.

As the most useful excercises of the training, the participants named the roleplays, the presentation summarizing ADR, mediation situations, group- and pair practices.

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