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Grundtvig REDICT project’s consortium’s final meeting

2013. 06. 03.


The final meeting of the lifelong learning Grundtvig project REDICT (’Resolving Disputes in the 21th Century’) has been organised by Foresee Research Group from 13th to 15th May 2013 in Budapest.

The report was written by: Eszter Posch and Kitti Salamon

On 13th May afternoon the partners attended a Danube boat trip, after which they closed the day with a ‘meeting-opener’ diner that has become a project ritual. On the next day Foresee organised an international conference in partnership with the National Institute of Criminology including 3 interactive workshops, entitled ‘The Face behind The Hate’. The REDICT partners participated on this event actively in compliance with one of the emphasized goals of the project - lifelong learning. On the last day of the meeting the partners discussed the important tasks to be achieved for the successful completion of the REDICT project; and as a farewell they took part in a common leaded walk in the Buda Castle District.

Participants of the REDICT project meeting were: Lenka Pavlova, Marie Bohacova, Martina Cinkova and Robin Brzobohaty from the European Institute for Reconciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (ESI); Slavka Karkoskova, Emilia Halagova and Ronald Karkoska from the Slovakian Greek-Catholic Faculty of the University of Presov; Danguole Boguseviciene and Inga Pošiūnaitė from the Lithuanian Association „Iniciatyvu tinklas”; Marco Calabrese, Corinna Marzi, Maria Francesca Corradi, Maria Rita Consegnati, Paola Bucciarelli and Laura Nissolino from the Italian Institute of Collaborative Law; as well as Borbála Fellegi, Eszter Posch and Kitti Salamon from Foresee Research Group.

The purpose of the meeting was to clarify the steps to be taken to achieve the successful completion of the project: inter alia editing, issuing of the brochure and the publications, a deadline for contributing to these matters, development of the project’s website, as well as collection of the videos and images. The partners respect that all participants shape the use of the common products taking their own National Office’s expectations into consideration. Following this we even managed to help each other in the interpretation of the questions to be responded in the Final Report of the project, working in small groups.

After two and a half days the meeting ended with a cultural program: the partners visited one of the World Heritage sites of Budapest, the Buda Castle District, which is one of the most beautiful and romantic places of the capital. The common leaded walk started from the Vienna Gate , affected the Capistran Square and Trinity Square, on the way  the partners has been invited by Foresee to taste the artisan traditional Hungarian cakes in the historical milieu of the Ruszwurm Confectionery. Thereafter the Mathias Church’s, the Fishermen’s Bastion’s and the high quality folklore shops’ atmosphere provided a unique experience for the partners, as far as Clark Adam Square.

The Wednesday meeting was very useful from all points of view: the professional work was imaginative and ended effectively, while during the walk the visitors were given a taste of Hungarian culture and history.

Photos of the event can be found here.
The photos were taken by: Marietta Kleineisel, József Novák and Kitti Salamon

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