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„The model for gradual social and workforce re-integration and intensive aftercare of inmates”

2015. 07. 04.


Invited by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Foresee research Group together with Focus and Inhall Studio carried out a research about the reintegration of inmates. The research featured focus groups, interviews and surveys.

During the project, 45 inmates and 35 penal institution workers took part in a roughly 2 hour long interview each, and  around 500 inmates filled out surveys.

The focusgroup research was carried out in three steps.

The first stage was for project involved  professionals, realized with varying numbers of program leaders, penal institute workers, and local coordinators. On top of that, two thematic focus groups were set up focusing on maintaining family relations.

The second stage took place in the special groups of the penal institutes and in the Judicial Observation and Psychiatric Institute. Three groups were set up from professionals working in sanative-educative groups, psychosocial, and drug prevention quarters,  while a bigger 10 man group consisted of workers from the Judicial Observation and Psychiatric Institute.

The third focus group research featured professionals and employers who did not participate in the project, but "are closely tied" to the field of reintegration.

The publications about the results will be available on the internet shortly, more information regarding this is still to come.

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