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"Mediation and restorative justice in prison service" (MEREPS), 2009-2012

2009. 06. 12.


In March 2009 a three years long international European Union project started with the leadership of Foresee Research Group to map and test restorative methods applied in prison service. Hungarian, English, German and Belgian partners participate in the program.

In the course of the project partner organizations carry out a meausing of attitudes towards restorative techniques among prisoners, victims, politicians and prison service employees. Following this an experimental mediation program will provide opportunity for victim-offender mediation, adaptation of restorative techniques in prison service and mediator trainings to the staff.


The aim of our empirical research and experimental program is to examine the applicability of restorative justice within prison service system; to map connected attitudes of prison service staff, convicts and population; to provide prison-mediation trainings to jurisprudential and prison service employees; to work out efficient techniques (mediation, facilitation, other restorative techniques) and standardizable processes; as well as to help continuous co-operation, exchange of experience and information between international professionals.


The project's consortium leader is Foresee Research Group, professional leader is the National Institute of Criminology, financial transactor is Innokut Ltd. of Public Utility.

International Partners:

Independent Academic Research Studies (London, Great-Britain),
o Hochschule für Öffentliche Verwaltung (Bremen, Germany)
o Täter Opfer Ausgleich Bremen (Germany)
European Forum for Reastorative Justice (Belgium)

Hungarian Partners:

Balassagyarmat Gaol and Prison
o Central Office of Justice
o Hungarian Judicial Academy
o Foundation of Community Services Hungary
o Hungarian Crime Prevention and Prison Mission Foundation
o Innokut Nonprofit Ltd. for Public Utility

For more information click to the homepage of MEREPS project. 

The English survey of the project can be downloaded from here.

The overview of the MEREPS Project can be downloaded here.

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