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Research project of Partnership for the Alternative Conflict Resolution (PACR) (2009-2011)

2009. 10. 12.


Within PACR model program Foresee carries out a diagnostic and follow-up research in PACR partner schools. Prior to and following the local trainings activities aim to map out conflict management approach, methods, processes of schools and to evaluate the success of implementation of PACR program.

In cooperation with the partner schools and following the previous cross-checks of concept and research schedule conflicts (physical and verbal aggression; theft; abuse; excommunication; racism etc.) and their reasons (family; peers; media; education and child security systems) are surveyed through focus group discussions and individual structured interviews.

After diagnostic research the conflict resolution - through problem articulation, communication of needs; definition and acceptation of new norms - can come true by both teachers', students' and parents' involvement, analyzation of community roles and strategies, adaptation of trust developing group techniques and creation of mutual experiences.

More about PACR program:

Initiators of PCACR program realized that extending aggression in schools and divisive disputes affecting school communities and their neighbourhood make the usage of „peaceful problem solving” methods more and more necessary in education. During this autumn - after a nearly one year long workshop period – teachers can apply for accredited courses targeting more effective conflict management through introducing methods of mediation and an enlargement of teachers’ set of tools.

Getting trough with the 30 hour long practice oriented training course teachers become able to strengthen their school communities and adapt methods of restorative conflict management in their own social environment.

Mapping the needs, requirements and opportunities of Hungarian public education; gaining deeper knowledge of typical conflicts and typical resolutions and converging requirements of affected parties (teachers, students, parents) also belong to PACR program's long term tasks.


Our partners:
Zánka Children and Youth Centre Public Benefit Co.
Közgazdasági Politechnikum, Gimnázium és Szakközépiskola


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